Houston, TX


Chiropractic Care in Houston, TX

General chiropractic services may be the right choice any time you’re dealing with regular physical pain. People in Houston, TX, are able to visit Active ChiroCare to have their spinal health assessed and individual treatment plans developed. Besides treating chronic pain that can set in as a result of age and fatigue, we treat acute injuries that result from accidents.

We have a dedicated staff that will support you throughout the treatment process, and our professional chiropractors will provide you with respectful, courteous care. We’ll answer your questions and make adjustments to the plan based on your progress.

Competitive Rates

Active ChiroCare is ready to provide you with the assistance that you need. We're happy to file insurance claims for free, and we're able to accommodate Vietnamese-speaking clients. Our convenient appointment times can make it easy for you to invest in your own health, so give our office in Houston a call today for general chiropractic care.


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